Amendments and recently changed rules are in bold.

1. Montgomeryshire Tennis League will be divided into Men’s, Ladies’ and Mixed

Doubles’ leagues with the number of divisions within each to be at the discretion of

1.1 Fixtures within each Division shall be fixed at the discretion of the committee.

1.2 The number of teams to be promoted and relegated in any season will be at the

discretion of the committee but generally (and dependent upon the number of teams

entered the following season) a single team will be promoted or relegated if there are

six teams or fewer in a particular Division and two teams should be promoted or

relegated if there are seven teams or more in a Division.

2 Teams to consist of 4 players – male in men’s divisions and female in ladies’

divisions. Players in MTL must be paid-up members of their own clubs for the current

2.1 Match to consist of 4 doubles events.

2.2 Each event to be 2 sets. Tie-breaker introduced at 6-6 in all sets if required.

2.3 A team shall be awarded one point for each set won during a match. In the

event that a set cannot be completed or played due to poor light or adverse

weather conditions then the points for that set shall be divided equally between

the two teams provided that 4 sets or more have already been completed. If

fewer that 4 sets have been completed in a match due to poor light or adverse

weather conditions then the match shall be replayed in accordance with 6.1

below. The decision as to what amounts to poor light or adverse weather

conditions shall be at the discretion of the team captains.

2.4 If a match remains unplayed at the end of the season points must not be
allocated equally between the teams but must be allocated in accordance with

3. Any event that cannot be completed or played due to injury or late arrival (over 15

minutes late) then the pair responsible will concede the full point to the opponents

unless otherwise agreed.

4. In the event of any player arriving more than 45 minutes late for any fixture then

the team for whom the player appears shall forfeit all 8 points.

4.1 In the event of any player arriving between 20 minutes and 45 minutes late then

the pair for whom the player appears shall forfeit a point and the number of

sets played by that pair shall be reduced to 3.

5. Home team to confirm match and starting time, and to email result to the

Results Secretary within three days of match. (Please confirm at least 48 hours prior

to date in the fixture book.)

6. Matches must be played on their original fixture date unless:

6.1 the match has to be postponed because of bad weather. In this event the

Home captain must offer a choice of two dates excluding the dates of

previously arranged matches in the Montgomeryshire Tennis League. The

opposition must accept one of these dates.

6.2 both captains agree in advance of the original fixture date that the match should

be re-arranged, provided that the match is then re-arranged and concluded prior

to the original fixture date.

6.3 In the Mixed Doubles division only: in the event of difficulties in fielding a team

because of the July/August holiday interruption the two captains may agree to

postpone a match provided that the match is then re-arranged and concluded

within a month of the original fixture date and before 30th September.

7. Matches in the Ladies’ and Men’s Leagues must be completed before the start

of the Mixed Doubles League.

8. Teams can bring forward a match if both captains so wish. Venues may be reversed.

9. A player may play for one club only in a season in a league. Transfers to be allowed

at the discretion of the committee.

9.1 A player may step up only to play a maximum of three matches. ‘Stepping up’ will

be determined in accordance with the final placings from the previous season —

promoted teams to take precedence over relegated teams.

9.2 If a team plays an ineligible player in a match then that team will concede all 8 points.

10. League to commence in April and end by the 30th September.

11. League winners will be the team with the greater number of points. If equal on points

then the greater number of wins. If equal on wins, the most drawn matches. If still

equal then teams must play off to decide winner.

12. The committee may expel or suspend for such period as they deem necessary from

Montgomeryshire Tennis League any player whose conduct is, in its opinion, injurious

to the character or the interests of the League.

12.1 Before a player is expelled the player’s conduct must be inquired into by the

Committee and the player must be given full opportunity to defend themselves

and to justify or explain their conduct.

12.2 m If the majority of the committee present when the matter is inquired into are of the

opinion that the player has been guilty of such conduct and has failed to justify or

explain it satisfactorily, the committee must call on the player to resign and if the

player does not resign they must expel him or her.

13. In the event that a team fails to complete at least half of its matches (other

than where matches have been postponed for reasons of adverse weather)

than that team may immediately be expelled from their division and that team’s

results shall be excluded when calculating League tables. The Committee

reserve the discretion to relegate that team to the bottom division of the

League for the forthcoming season. In addition, persistent breaches of this

rule may result in the Committee refusing to accept a team’s entry to the

League in subsequent seasons.

Revised February 2016